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A recent altercation between popular Twitch streamers xQc and Hasan has sparked significant attention within the online entertainment sphere. The incident revolves around the arrest of Kai Cenat in connection with a New York City riot where a fan meetup turned into a place of violence.

The fan meeting rapidly descended into disorder, characterized by both law enforcement and media as a riot due to the escalating violence. Incidents included store raids, vehicle destruction, and even confrontations among fans. As the situation escalated uncontrollably, the New York Police Department (NYPD) intervened with a substantial reaction, leading to the apprehension of Kai. He now confronts accusations of unlawful assembly and incitement of a riot.

“Local media talking about f**king three dollars worth of Doritos like there was a bank run or some sh*t. Also, want to make it seem like this was a riot that was completely out of control,” he said. “It’s tragedy p*rn met with also like black unruly teenagers.” said Hasan to which xQc replied the following.

“Wait, some buildings were raided, cars destroyed, people are throwing f**king fireworks. Look at the image being shown on the screen,” He added: “There’s dog sh*t everywhere on the ground. Look at this sh*t. Like, how is this not a riot or out of control? It’s both! Look at this sh*t. Like what the f**k.”

It is evident that xQc and Hasan view this incident differently while xQc considers this a serious violent mishap, Hasan believes that the incident has been blown out of proportion by the media and authorities.

At the time of writing, Kai Cennat is released from custody but the authorities are certain about taking some or the other action in the near future given a riot of this magnitude cannot go unnoticed.

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