Who needs guns? Crafty Apex player uses care packages to trap enemy team


We’ve heard of using care packages offensively in other titles, but an Apex Legends player has proven Lifeline’s support ultimate actually can win you fights on its own according to a hilarious Aug. 12 Reddit clip.

As players flock back to Apex following Aug. 8’s season 18 launch, you and your squad might want to take your time when entering buildings with limited exits, as you never know when a pesky Lifeline main will call down a giant drop pod and trap you inside.

It certainly wasn’t easy to do and requires a certain scenario that, in all honestly, is unlikely to ever occur again. But for those looking to try out the Legend or for Lifeline mains who need a creative way to defeat an entire enemy squad, Reddit user ToxicScience_ has you covered it seems.

Without a weapon or ammunition and with an entire enemy squad bearing down, the Lifeline kept their cool, sitting on a cliff above the building into which the squad had run. After throwing a couple of Arc Stars to keep the squad on their toes, the Lifeline was completely empty—no guns, no ammo, no grenades.

The one thing the Lifeline had, however? A Care Package ultimate. But instead of using it to gear up, the Lifeline dropped it on the doorway, with a second Care Package blocking the other exit. With both doors blocked by the packages and no way out through the windows, the team was completely trapped.

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While our glorious protagonist was gunned down while inspecting their handiwork, the squad remained inside the small building. The Pathfinder tried to launch a Zip Line to escape but there simply wasn’t enough room to launch it. Even worse, a Respawn Beacon sat just meters away from the doorway, all but taunting the enemy team. Eventually, the almighty ring closed in and claimed the squad while ToxicScience_ observed from the grave.

Many flocked to the post to laugh at the predicament, while others formulated theories as to how to escape such a scenario. One player suggested using thermite grenades and multiple Mobile Respawn Beacons to get the team out: responders simply scoffed at the very idea “pubs” cared enough to carry the mobile beacons. Others mentioned that Loba and Ash had the kit required to escape this trap.

It’s a unique way we’ve seen care packages in a game used “offensively.” My main experience comes from Call of Duty where a rare kill (or death, I’ll be honest) occurs when the Little Bird helicopter drops a care package on someone’s head.

At the same time, we don’t recommend trying this at home. Leave it to the experts like ToxicScience_.

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