LoL players agree these 2 champions will dominate the Worlds 2023 meta


With Worlds 2023 approaching, League of Legends players have agreed on two champions that will dominate the meta during the tournament—although they didn’t shy away from the fact they’d be pleased if Riot Games nerfed them.

Players named a bunch of champions who they think will be regular picks and bans for pros at Worlds 2023, though two of them stood out in the Aug. 23’s Reddit post—Sejuani and Maokai. They believe two junglers will be a constant in every team’s draft, and have good reasons to think so.

“Please gut Maokai/Sejuani jungle meta. I want to see more carry junglers at worlds,” one of the top comments reads. It’s hard to believe these two won’t make many appearances during Worlds 2023 unless they get changed in the upcoming patches.

Both Maokai and Sejuani have powerful ultimates, allowing them to lock down key targets or even the whole enemy teams if a teamfight takes place in a tight choke point. On top of that, they’re strong in engaging the fight and have other crowd control tools at their disposal. All in all, in today’s meta, where tanky and teamfight-oriented champions are valued, Maokai and Sejuani fit like a glove.

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Maokai and his saplings charging at enemy.
Maokai has all the tools to be a perfect jungler in League. Image via Riot Games

Both of them are already the most-picked junglers in numerous competitions around the world. In the 2023 LCK Summer Playoffs, they both boasted a 93.5 percent pick and ban rate, the highest in the jungle role, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

Naturally, players also named a bunch of other champs that should reign supreme at Worlds 2023. These include Annie, Zeri, Azir, Elise, Taliyah, Sylas, Poppy, and Zoe, just to name a few.

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Riot still has some time to balance the meta before Worlds 2023 begin on Oct. 10. The tournament will be played on Patch 13.19, according to some renowned League personalities, which is expected to go live on Sept. 27.

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