I’m speaking live at the MoneyShow at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on Saturday Sept 9th. There, I will be covering my “money management” rules – which include rules incorporating sector allocations, position sizing, hedging, understanding stock beta, amongst other factors. So it will be a bit different than the typical Technical Analysis stuff I talk about on this blog.

MoneyShow Saturday Sept 9th at 3:00 PM

I call the presentation “Profit in any market”. That’s because a vital part of investing goes beyond good analysis. You need to establish rules as to how and when you will position your portfolio so you don’t get caught in a firestorm!

I love to personally meet my readers in person at the show. So come out if you live in southern Ontario – I try to have a chat with individual attendees after my talk.

I’ll also have my books available at a special discount price, and will be happy to sign them for you. Of note: SmartBounce is now off the market. So if you want a copy, it will likely be your last chance to get one! I am editing and updating my book Sideways, and it should be back on Amazon in a couple of months. Meanwhile, I will have the original books on hand at the show.

BTW – its really helpful if you register for the show ahead of time. It doesn’t cost anything to register, but it does save you lineup time – you get to go to the pre-registered line if you register ahead of time. Here is the link (this allows you to attend any presentation):

Richards, Keith (moneyshow.com)

My BNN appearance from Tuesday

Full episode: Market Call for Tuesday, September 5, 2023 – Full episode: Market Call for Tuesday, September 5, 2023 (bnnbloomberg.ca)


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