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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) frequently introduces exciting in-game events, each offering a set of exclusive rewards. The desire to acquire these coveted cosmetics and the prestigious Conqueror frame, which is earned by reaching the top rank – Conqueror, has given rise to the practice of BGMI ID selling and account trading. Over the years, account trading has become increasingly prevalent within the gaming community. But, is BGMI ID selling legal? The Simple Answer: NO.

It’s important to note that this practice comes with legal implications and potential consequences. In this article, we will explore Krafton’s perspective on the matter.

To understand the legality of selling BGMI ID, one must refer to the official rules that govern the game. In this case, Section 5 of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Rules of Conduct holds the key. Sub-section 13, in particular, addresses the issue at hand. It explicitly states:

“13) Do Not Trade/Sell Accounts: Measures will be taken against the act of accessing accounts that are not in your possession and trading or selling the accounts or its game data without the company’s written approval.”

Section 5.13 of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Rules of Conduct

This rule is crystal clear in its intent – trading or selling BGMI accounts or their associated game data without written approval from the company is strictly prohibited. The use of the word “measures will be taken” underscores the seriousness with which this rule is enforced.

Consequences of Selling BGMI ID

Players who violate the rule and engage in the sale of BGMI ID are likely to face serious consequences, as outlined in the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Rules of Conduct.

According to the Rules of Conduct, the penalty for trading or selling BGMI ID could result in a permanent ban. This means that players found involved in such activities may lose access to their accounts indefinitely, along with any in-game purchases, progress, and items associated with their account. Players caught buying or selling ID will face permanent exclusion from the BGMI community.

Hence, the answer to whether selling BGMI ID is legal is a resounding NO.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Rules of Conduct explicitly prohibits the trade or sale of accounts and game data without the company’s written approval. This rule exists to ensure the safety, fairness, and integrity of the game. Additionally, iolations of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Rules of Conduct can result in severe consequences.

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