TFT 13.18 Patch Notes: Set 9.5 Mid-Set launch details and more


Riot Games will ship the final Teamfight Tactics Mid-Set update on Sept. 13 for Set 9.5, featuring new traits and champions, along with some system changes and new cosmetics, and we’ve got the patch notes.

Leaving with the TFT Set 9.5 Mid-Set update are 16 champions, while three traits are also departing. Replacing the departing traits are new traits Ixtal, Bilgewater, and Vanquisher. And the Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound set also includes new TFT Set 9.5 Region Portals

Here are the condensed TFT Set 9.5 13.18 Patch notes, according to Riot. 

TFT Set 9 Ranked rewards

The launch of the TFT Set 9.5 Mid-Set will soft reset all Ranked players. All players will get five provisional matches where no LP can be lost but extra LP can be earned through top four placements. All players with Master Rank and above will get reset to Diamond Four while other Ranked players will drop one full tier (Gold Two drops to Silver Two). 

Rewards for TFT Set Nine will be offered to all players who Ranked Gold and higher in Standard and Double Up. And to all Hyper Roll players Green and higher. Rewards include a Chibi Star Guardian Lux emote.

Patch 13.18 TFT system trait changes

A new system will roll out through TFT Set 9.5 that classifies the power level of traits. Vertical traits like Six Piltover, Nine Bilgewater, Nine Demacia, Nine Ionia, Nine Noxus, and Nine Shurmia are now considered a Prismatic tier. Traits at these breakpoints are meant to be powerful and should finish at the top of a lobby. 

Many traits were reduced from Prismatic to Gold. These are still solid end-game trait comps but not as powerful as those in the Prismatic classification. Here are the Gold traits for TFT Set 9.5: 

  • Eight Bastion, Challenger, Invoker, Sorcerer, and Void
  • Six Gunner, Vanquisher, and Zaun
  • Five Strategist
  • Four Ixtal and Targon
  • Three Freljord

Other system changes getting implemented through the Mid-Set update includes extra critical strike chance damage above 100 percent now having a conversion of 80 percent instead of 50 percent. The chance of seeing a massive drop of loot in one round was reduced, and Shred and Sunder were reduced from 40/50/70 to 20/30/50 percent. 

TFT Patch 13.18 trait balance changes

Shadow Isles, Yordles, and Deadeye are traits leaving TFT in Set 9.5. For the traits that are sticking around, multiple balance levers were adjusted. 

  • Bastion: Base armor and magic resistance reduced to 20/40/65/125.
  • Bruiser: Bonus maximum health adjusted to 10/45/80 percent.
  • Darkin: Now has breakpoints One and Two.
  • Darkin One: When a Darkin perishes, their weapon shifts to the nearest ally champion.
  • Darkin Two: Weapons become 50 percent stronger.
  • Darkin: A tiebreaker with Aatrox will come down to the damage dealt during that fight.
  • Demacia: Elite bonus will now provide each unit with one selected Radiant item they always receive instead of a random Radiant item. 
  • Demacia: Elite bonus armor and magic resistance were adjusted to 5/15/35/150 and the Elite count has changed to 1/2/3/5.
  • Freljord: Breakpoints changed to 2/3
  • Freljord Two: The enemy percent of maximum health damage is eight percent of maximum health true damage. Enemies are 30 percent shredded and Sundered for 10 seconds. 
  • Freljord Three: The enemy percent of maximum health damage is 15 percent of maximum health true damage and enemies are also stunned for 1.5 seconds.
  • Invoker: New eight-piece breakpoint.
  • Invoker Eight: All units gain an additional 40 ability power and 40 mana per three seconds.
  • Ionia Nine: Bonus enlightened spirits increased from three to four.
  • Ionia Nine: Bonus amount is now 350 percent
  • Multicaster: Damage reduction was reduced to 60 percent.
  • Noxus: Breakpoints changed to 3/5/7/9.
  • Noxus: Units gain 160/300/450/750 health and 16/30/45/75 ability power and attack damage. This is increased by five percent for each different opponent that has been conquered. 
  • Rogue Four: Rework—Rogue’s damage bleeds their target for 70 percent bonus magic damage over 2.5 seconds. 
  • Shurima: Breakpoints are now 2/4/6/9.
  • Shurima Two: The strongest Shuriman unit ascends
  • Shurima Four: All Shurimans ascend and amplify 15% Ascension Bonus (23 percent HP and  35 percent AS)
  • Shurima Six: Ascend at combat start and amplification is 45 percent ascension Bonus (29 percent HP and  44 percent AS)
  • Shurima Nine:  Ascend twice and amplify 75 percent ascension bonus (35 percent HP and 53 percent AS twice)
  • Slayer: Breakpoints are now 2/4/6
  • Slayer: All Slayer units gain 12 percent Omnivamp and deal 6/16/36 percent bonus damage that is doubled against units that are below 66 percent health. 
  • Sorcerer: Ability power adjusted to 20/45/80/125
  • Sorcerer: Maximum health explosion adjusted to 7/10/12/15 percent 
  • Void: Rift Herald Stage Five bonus increased to 130 percent
  • Void: Rift Herald and Stage Six bonus increased to 145 percent
  • Void: Baron Shred and Sunder reduced to 40 percent
  • Zaun Four: Gain two Chem Mods has been changed to gain two Chem Mods and they overcharge.
  • Zaun Six: Is now gain five Chem Mods and they overcharge. 
  • Zaun: Multiple Chem Mod stats adjusted

TFT Patch 13.18 champion balance changes

The Mid-Set launch will have 16 champions departing from TFT Set 9.5 while eight champions that made the Mid-Set update cut were adjusted accordingly. 

 One-cost champion changes

  • Cho’Gath: Mana is now 20/80 and Feast lock-out time was reduced
  • Cho’Gath: Feast base damage increased to 270/370/500
  • Jhin: Mana is 44/124 and the champion now has Ionia and Vanquisher traits
  • Kayle: Wave shred reduced to 20 percent
  • Kayle: Wave damage increased to 30/40/60
  • Malzahar: Damage increased to 220/330/500
  • Malzahar: Spell delay between casting and dealing damage was reduced
  • Orianna: Mana is 40/90
  • Poppy: Traits are now Basion and Demacia only
  • Poppy: Health increased to 700, attack damage is 55, Shield duration is four seconds, and mana is 40/100
  • Poppy: Shield lowered to 250/300/350
  • Samira: Attack damage ratio reduced to 190/190/200 percent

Two-cost champion changes

  • Ashe: Traits are now Freljord and Vanquisher
  • Ashe: Attack damage is 55 and attack damage ratio is 160/165/175 percent
  • Galio: Shield duration lowered to 2.5 seconds
  • Galio: Heal reduced to 300/350/400
  • Jinx: Mana is now 10/70
  • Swain: Rework—Swain is no longer mana-locked while his Demonflare ability is active. Instead, if he casts again while transformed, he’ll perform a burst, gaining 225/260/385 additional maximum health and dealing 100/160/240 magic damage to nearby enemies.
  • Swain: Transformation health reduced to 325/375/550
  • Swain: Spell sustained tick damage is now 25/40/60, mana is 20/60, while armor and magic resistance are 45
  • Taliyah: Mana is now 20/60
  • Taliyah: Spell damage buffed to 180/270/410
  • Vi: Blast shield Sunder reduced to 20 percent
  • Vi: Shield is now 350/400/450
  • Vi: Blast shield attack damage ratio is now 250 percent
  • Warwick: Rework—When Warwick casts, instead of gaining an increased heal, he’ll instead gain 100 percent bonus attack speed

Three-cost champion changes

  • Darius: Traits are now Noxus, Juggernaut, and Vanquisher
  • Darius: Attack damage is now 60 and attack speed is 0.7
  • Darius: Attack damage ratio was reduced to 300 percent and spell base damage is now 55/80/110
  • Ekko: Spell damage is now 270/405/610
  • Jayce: Mana is now 30/100
  • Jayce: Spell damage is 255/255/265 percent attack damage
  • Jayce: Ally’s attack speed is now 15 percent across the board
  • Jayce: Attack speed  is now 30/40/50 percent
  • Rek’Sai: Traits are now Bruiser, Void, and Slayer
  • Rek’Sai: Attack damage is 60, armor and magic resistance is 45, and attack speed is 0.75
  • Rek’Sai: Attack damage ratio is 290/290/300 percent
  • Rek’Sai: Furious Bite no longer deals bonus damage on her enhanced bite. Enemies below 66 percent will just take her standard damage converted to true damage
  • Taric: Radiance shield redirects 50 percent of damage received by adjacent allies
  • Taric: Shield is 500/580/680
  • Vel’Koz: Fission damage is 250/375/600

Four-cost champion changes

  • Aphelios: Traits are now Targon and Gunner
  • Aphelios: Armor and magic resistance reduced to 25, attack damage is now 60, Hex range through Deadeye is four, and attack speed is 0.75
  • Aphelios: Chakram attack damage ratio is now 75 percent
  • Aphelios: Moonblast attack damage ratio is now 200/200/500 percent
  • Kai’Sa: Mana is 40/120
  • Nasus: Attack speed is now 0.7 and soul eater attack damage steal is now eight percent
  • Nasus: Spell steal changed to 4/4/20 and the enemies stolen from are now 4/5/7
  • Nasus: Spell attack damage ratio is 380/380/700 percent
  • Sejuani: Health increased to 1,1000
  • Shen: Ionia bonus damage reduced to eight percent and mana is now 90/170
  • Shen: Shield is now 300/400/2000

Five-cost champion changes

  • Aatrox health reduced to 900, armor and MR is now 60, and Omnivamp is 20 percent
  • K’Sante: Mana changed to 0/70 while armor and magic resistance is now 50
  • Heimerdinger: Traits are now Piltover and Technogenius
  • Heimerdinger: Turret Shrink Module Sunder and Shred changed to 20/30/50 percent and duration was reduced to four seconds
  • Heimerdinger: Turret Mechano-Swarm burn adjusted to 1/1/2 percent and rocket damage changed to 50/120/120
  • Ryze: Shred and Sunnder is now 20 percent through Zaun Portal and damage is now 125/230/2006
  • Sion: Health is now 900 while magic resistance and armor are 65

Patch 13.18 bug fixes

  • Riftwalker Kassadin can no longer attempt to blink toward untargetable enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where Early Education and Endurance Training could temporarily behave incorrectly after starring up a unit.
  • Crown of Demacia can no longer be equipped to benched units in Double Up.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Trickster’s Glass clone to become permanent under very
  • specific circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where The Boss could be offered at 3-2 even if you were fielding no
  • Ionia or Juggernauts.
  • What The Forge no longer prevents effects from equipping temporary items (such as Noxus
  • Ryze, Noxkraya, Binary Airdrop)
  • Fixed a bug where What The Forge could fail to provide its bonus health.
  • Shurima’s Legacy now functions properly when fighting a ghost army.
  • Icathian Rain (Chibi Kai’Sa’s boom) is no longer invisible.

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