Blog Post: Day 7 of $QQQ short term down-trend; 52 US new highs and 142 lows; 10 stocks at ATH, including 3 coal stocks, see list and analysis of $CEIX


Again, 3 of them, CEIX, AMR and HCC, are in the coal industry. List is sorted by current close/lowest price past 250 days. VIST is 3.4x its yearly low.


I want my students to study this weekly chart of CEIX.  On September 1, my guest speaker and former student, Richard Moglen, suggested this stock as a possible rising buy and hold stock  for my class to consider. I assign many of Richard’s videos to my students.

CEIX, in fact,  exemplifies a number of the technical characteristics of advancing stocks that I look for. First, the 4wk avg>10wk avg>30 wk avg. It is in a Stage 2 up-trend. It also has a yellow band pattern, having also closed above its 10 week average repeatedly. It  also  has  several  weekly  green bars,  having bounced up off of its rising 4 week average. And most important, it is above its last green line top, reaching ATHs, and had a GLB (green line break-out) in August.


This daily chart shows that CEIX never closed below its green line after its GLB. Note the second possible entry at the black dots, designating oversold bounces.


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