‘It’s a slap in the face’: Rocket League players blast Psyonix over trading removal


In a move that has left the Rocket League community in an uproar, Psyonix removed player-to-player item trading this week, and the shock decision is already being met with widespread backlash across the fandom.

The change, set to take effect later this year, is seen by many fans as a betrayal, especially considering the lack of significant updates in recent years.

One player described it as a “slap in the face,” highlighting the community’s sentiment that instead of introducing positive changes, the company is stripping away existing features people loved. Others agreed, with some even threatening to uninstall Rocket League because of it.

The move is seen as particularly greedy since trading has been a part of Rocket League for years. The community is convinced it was done to coerce players into spending more since buying cosmetics from the item shop will soon be the only way to acquire them.

However, the frustration goes beyond just the trading issue. Some argued Rocket League started to decline when it switched to free-to-play and was bought by Epic Games. “The entire game has turned to shit since it was bought out,” one player said, pointing out the price hikes for items and the introduction of a “dumb” battle pass.

Some claimed the same thing happened to Fall Guys, especially after Mediatonic—the original developers—confirmed a large number of their staff had been laid off by Epic earlier this month. It seems like a lot of the anger is directed at Epic rather than Psyonix and the developers that originally built the game.

The community is calling for Psyonix to reconsider the decision, but with the company citing alignment with Epic’s policies as the reason behind the change, it seems unlikely.

The issue will remain a heated topic in Rocket League circles up until the change takes effect, and the discussions will likely continue even after.

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