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I just published a very important video covering a macro market and economic outlook. This is one of those “you need to hear this message” reports. Sometimes, I come up with a piece that I feel you guys really need to understand. This is one of them!

The video covers some sharp evidence for a coming recession, all within a higher than normal inflationary environment. It discusses WHY you need to invest differently than in the past. I didn’t want to overwhelm you, so I edited much from the research I’ve done on the subject- but the charts and sources I did present on the video will be eye-opening. You need to see this video!

Investing in Stagflation – ValueTrend


Near termed rally next week?

Just thought I’d pass this tidbit along: BearTraps notes in a research report that there are an expected $38b S&P shorts to cover over the next week by large institutions. This could cause a squeeze (upward pressure) and rally on the stock market. Be wary of such a move if it happens. They often don’t last long.



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