Starfield player blends Star Wars mods to craft the ultimate Mandalorian experience


Starfield has so many Star Wars mods by now that one creative player has been able to turn Akila City into an entire The Mandalorian experience, and it’s so awesome.

Mods have been one of the many ways players have been able to create their own fun experiences in Bethesda games, whether it’s Fallout or Skyrim. There’s just something enjoyable about bringing pop culture into these games and customizing them however we want, and that’s why they’ve been so popular—a trend Starfield has continued.

In fact, weeks after the launch of the long-awaited sci-fi adventuring game, there have been so many Star Wars mods added to the Starfield engine that Akila City can basically become its very own locale from a galaxy far, far away.

Besides the Thomas the Tank Engine spaceship mod we can see in the Oct. 12 clip (which, strangely enough, fits Starfield much better than it ever did in Skyrim), it feels authentic and like an actual Star Wars game.

From what players can see, some of the mods this player has used include Darksaber, The Mandalorian armor, and Storm Trooper armor, all of which can be downloaded from NexusMods.

There’s every chance this only grows too; although there are already dozens of Starfield mods, Bethesda has yet to release their creation kit. When they do, Starfield will become a very different game, so much so that players believe it will eventually become the best Star Wars game ever because those mods will take over.

You may be wondering why there are so many Star Wars mods, and it’s a very good question. Starfield has many great qualities. However, it lacks an authentic star-studded adventure experience that draws players in, which is why so many Star Wars mods are being created. Players feel like this is how it should have been developed, with diverse characters, unique planets, captivating campaigns, and extensive lore.

If Starfield had these, it may not have needed so much Star Wars flavour. Then again, who is really going to say no to wielding a lightsaber in any video game?

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