PS5 gamers in a panic over not receiving their Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Editions on launch day


Hyped-up PlayStation 5 gamers and Spider-Man fans are sweating today, as many players are reporting that their collector’s editions for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 have not yet shipped.

The game releases tomorrow and is supposed to arrive on launch day, but Twitter is filled with posts from anxious gamers whose collector’s editions have not yet shipped. When checking the order progress, it simply says “Preparing to Ship” for many.

Meanwhile, others have posted that they’ve already received their collector’s editions, featuring a 19-inch statue of Peter and Miles facing off with Venom, ahead of the launch day, Oct. 20.

“I need this collector’s edition to get out of the preparing to ship status,” said one player, echoing the sentiments of many who are starting to worry that their games won’t arrive on time for a very highly anticipated launch day.

The $230 edition also includes a steelbook, digital content like unique suits for Peter and Miles, and other in-game content. It was initially only available on PlayStation Direct, so that’s where players are waiting for the pricy package to ship from.

PlayStation Direct guarantees release day delivery along with no delivery charge, so it’s an enticing place to order from. But if gamers aren’t able to swing through Manhattan on day one, that may change.

Funnily enough, the collector’s edition doesn’t even come with a physical copy of the game. The steelbook arrives empty and instead includes a code for the Digital Deluxe edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 instead.

A screenshot of PlayStation Direct's order page for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Collector's Edition on PS5.
I have it too. I feel your pain. Screenshot by Dot Esports

It’s likely that most editions will ship out today and still arrive on time tomorrow, so here’s hoping that the deliveries are quick enough to allow Spidey fans to power up their PS5s for fun on Friday ahead of the weekend.

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