Applications are already open for places on the 2024 intake in July.

“This is a remarkable setting for a summer school, I have to say, not just because it’s Malibu,” Mark Cook, managing director at Trinity International Education, told The PIE.

Cook said that the move responds to a current demand for summer schools in and around the Los Angeles area – and the weekend trips that can be included around it.

Excursions to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, a tour of a movie studio and plenty of trips to the beach are already forming an exciting possible roster for the itinerary.

“When you think about LA, you think, it’s sunny all the time – true, of course, that is easy to promote, but with it being synonymous with Hollywood, it seems like an open goal to tie in with that side of it,” Cook said.

This is a remarkable setting for a summer school

Following on from Trinity’s summer school in New York, the leap to California only continues to help expand the offering – the summer school provider’s parent company, Trinity Viaggi, has also expressed its approval of the move.

“We’re just really trying to fulfil that demand and increase our portfolio – inject another bit of excitement,” said Cook.

It follows the opening of a new partner summer school with the University of York, which is also slated for a 2024 opening.

“We’re going to be running the summer school there for the last two weeks of July, which we’re really excited about,” added Cook.


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