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xQc is the latest content creator to point fingers at the biggest independent content creator on YouTube, i.e. MrBeast for putting up scripted videos in light of recent controversy.

MrBeast is known for hosting crazy challenges in his videos and said challenges were the face of his online content that helped him garner a legion of fans however, claims have surfaced that the videos are scripted. xQc’s statement follows claims made by fellow content creator Rosanna Pansino who believes the Creator Gamers 3 video was edited to alter the outcome of the event.

xQc has doubled down on the claims made by Pansino and advised his audience to “get out” if they ever find themselves on the final stage of any MrBeast challenge as they are usually scripted and misrepresented.

“Chat… Guys, if you get selected to be in MrBeast’s video, I got you,” xQc began, before sharing with viewers his “number one tip.” “If you can get out, get out. Okay?” he said. “MrBeast’s endgames are so scripted and dumb. The dumbest s**t happens, just f****** go home, dude.” xQc added, “If you weren’t in on the script, okay, you’re done. Go home, dude.”

According to recent reports, Pansino has retracted her statement following death threats. She took to X to publicly apologize to MrBeast and acknowledge that she should have done it in a private manner. However, this happened before xQc came in with his own take on MrBeast and unlike Pansino, he is a big shot who can take on MrBeast.

MrBeast hasn’t addressed the issue publicly but now that xQc is involved we are in for a lot of drama and things will take a more interesting turn for sure in the future.

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