One LoL champion is helping Bronze and Silver players climb with soaring win rate


With League of Legends‘ Patch 13.21 in full swing, players around the world are adjusting to all of its changes. There is, however, one champion that has found a surprising resurgence in lower ranks that is helping with ranked climbs around the world.

Nasus is one of the oldest champions in the game and hasn’t seen too many drastic changes over the last several patches, yet he has become one of the best picks in the top lane in lower ranks, such as Bronze and Silver. He currently has a 52.7 percent win rate average across all ranks globally, with his highest play rate in those two ranked distributions, according to League stats aggregate U.GG.

In Silver ranks, for example, Nasus holds a 53 percent win rate with over 111 thousand matches played. In Bronze, he holds a similar win rate through 92 thousand matches, making his case as one of the strongest picks for any players looking for a simple champion to climb into Gold.

Nasus powers up in a great blue circle in League of Legends
Let’s get you out of Bronze. Image via Riot Games

The Curator of the Sands has a very specific playstyle that many players can learn: gain stacks of his Siphoning Strike ability and become a destructive menace in the mid-to-late game. With enough time, this Q ability can be used to destroy turrets with ease or decimate enemies in a teamfight, while also providing a good amount of crowd control with his oppressive Wither slow.

These tactics might work in lower ranks, but in higher ranks, Nasus might not be a great choice to pick into other team compositions. Players are a lot more knowledgeable about certain matchups and champions, and make better decisions when it comes to macro and teamfighting.

As Nasus, you might be ganked multiple times in the early game to reduce your power and set you behind, while others might lock you down with crowd control in late game teamfights so you aren’t able to reach any of the back line carries. Overall, Nasus’ efficiency is much less at higher ranks, but if players are trying to climb out of Elo hell, he could be a great option for the journey up.


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