Touted as the greatest rifler to play the game, Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac is on his way out of G2 Esports after joining them in 2020 from FaZe Clan according to reports.

NiKo leaving FaZe was a surprising decision for the Counter-Strike community but according to the Bosnian rifler, to play with his cousin Nemanja ‘HuNter’ Kovac had been a long-time dream, and joining G2 would fulfill that. Throughout his FaZe Clan days, NiKo claimed that the only reason he would leave the American organization was if he were presented an opportunity to play with his cousin, however, recent reports suggest HuNter will not be jumping ships with him.

NiKo deciding to leave G2 comes as a surprise decision from an emotional standpoint as it would require parting ways with his cousin, however, from a sporting point of view, G2 has failed to be the powerhouse that they were supposed to and having NiKo as the centerpiece only led to good runs of form that were few and far between which would prompt a player of NiKo’s stature to find a team that suits him better.

Poor form doesn’t mean NiKo came up empty-handed at G2. Anything besides a major would be considered below NiKo’s league. Still, besides that, he was able to pick up two of the most prestigious trophies that CSGO has to offer, namely, Katowice 2023 and Cologne 2023.

According to reports, NiKo is on his way to Falcons, a team that will go under a massive roster under multi-major winning coach Danny ‘zonic’ Sorensen. NiKo has been speculated as one of the big names to join the team along with his teammate m0nesy but it’s unlikely that G2 let the young AWPer go without a fight. NiKo will be joined by Emil “⁠Magisk⁠” Reif already committed to the project and Marco “⁠Snappi⁠” Pfeiffer who will likely take on the IGL duties according to reports.

While we have seen multi-national rosters gaining success, Falcons will be the latest team to put together one of the biggest talents in Europe under their banner with the first CS2 Major as their goal. Only time can tell if this roster comes to fruition but on paper, it looks highly promising.

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