Valve finally fixes infuriating CS2 bugs, but players are demanding the devs do more


Valve isn’t slowing down with Counter-Strike 2 updates, releasing the latest on Nov. 13. This patch fixed a few annoying bugs, but players still aren’t satisfied.

The latest CS2 update implemented six changes in all, with two focusing on collisions between players and a switching weapons bug. CS2 players are thrilled these issues have been addressed by the devs, but they’re still waiting for another major fix: packet loss.

Despite these key adjustments, players are still claiming the game is unplayable due to packet loss issues. “Was hoping to see a fix for the packet loss issues. I just wanna play some premier without worrying about rubberbanding or not being able to switch guns,” one player wrote on Reddit.

Screenshot taken of Dust 2's CT spawn in CS2, featuring a total of 5 Counter-Terrorists holding pistols.
Valve is trying its best, but CS2 is still far from being flawless. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Many others echo the same sentiment, but, as always, it remains to be seen when Valve will address this issue. For now, players are left stranded and unable to play the game to its full capacity.

Ever since its release in September, CS2 has been overloaded with issues. Colliding with players was one major issue fixed with the latest update, while a weapon-switching bug was another glaring problem solved. This was leading to shots not being properly registered.

Luckily, with Valve releasing CS2 updates quite consistently, there’s a high chance another set of patch notes is right around the corner. We hope so, at least.


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