Overwatch 2 fan creates perfect meme to explain the current tank meta


Sometimes the only way to accurately describe a video game is through the timeless tradition that is making memes, and on Nov. 19, one Overwatch 2 fan did just that to help everyone understand the state of tanking in Blizzard’s shooter.

In a post to Reddit, one player created the “Current stat of Tanks,” which includes a thumbnail for each tank hero and a quick description or image that shows either the personality of those that play the tank or what it’s like to play the hero. Some heroes got a somewhat simple caption. Ramattra, for instance, is just called “Tempo Tank,” and following his recent rework, Roadhog’s caption says, “We are so back.” Meanwhile, Reinhardt and Zarya are explained with a pair of meme images instead of words.

All but one of the game’s tanks are in the image, but it’s for good reason. The creator of this meme went so far as to create a second page for the meme that is dedicated to just one hero that they have especially strong feelings about—Orisa.

Though the person doesn’t seem to have particularly negative feelings about Orisa herself, they seem to have had some less-than-stellar experiences with those that play her. “Am I the only one who finds it funny how Orisa players have really aggressive body language?” the post said. “Like dude, you play as one of the most loving and protective characters in the game but embody her with so much rage, moving your camera frantically while pressing all the keys. Relax, I can hear your blood boiling from here.”

Orisa is among the most heavily selected tank heroes in competitive Overwatch 2 over the past three months, according to Overbuff.com. The only other two with a higher pick rate are Zarya and Reinhardt. It’s unclear what about Orisa might make those that play her come across as so stressed out, but if this meme is accurate, maybe those players should talk to Wrecking Ball mains to learn how to chill out.


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