MW3 players are still dealing with annoying perk bug 2 weeks after launch


Even though it has already been a good amount of time since Modern Warfare 3 launched on live servers, players are still running into some frustrating bugs that are ruining their games.

An issue that users have run into over the course of the last two weeks deals with one of the game’s perks, EOD Padding, and how it isn’t reducing incoming damage from frag grenades. Many players have reported that the perk simply isn’t activating when hit with the explosive, leading to their quick death.

Sledgehammer Games’ developers have already acknowledged the bug on their public glitch and bug Trello board, stating that it is currently being investigated by the team. Unfortunately for anyone waiting for a possible fix, this card was made on Monday, Nov. 13, and has not seen any updates since.

With the first season of MW3 starting on Dec. 6, community members fear that a solution might not arrive until the Season One update. For some players, however, this wouldn’t be acceptable since they believe that significant bugs must be rectified in hotfixes while the larger updates should be saved for weapon balancing and new content.

“It’s unfortunate that these bugs have gone on for this long,” A user on the MW3 subreddit lamented. “Expecting a huge patch that fixes everything for season one, [but it] should’ve been live a week into the game, tops.”

As an essential piece of gear that many players run in their loadouts, EOD Padding needs to be prioritized to maintain competitive integrity in games. I have personally experienced multiple moments where a grenade rolls to my feet and explodes without damage mitigation, much to my dismay. These grenades are usually cooked by opponents as well, so there isn’t enough time to jump out of the way.

This bug isn’t the only issue plaguing MW3 right now, either. Multiple players have fought against players who are sprinting while prone in a new “snaking” movement technique that is also on Sledgehammer’s Trello board. Overall, the devs have plenty of work on their hands before the game’s first season finally kicks off on Wednesday, Dec. 6.


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