Nifty at All Time highs and even Global Indices at 52 week highs.


Over the last few weeks its all been about the Broader Markets.

But with Nifty in touching distance of all time high. May make a new high today or next week possibly.

The good part it is not just India outperforming.

A lot of global indices nearing or making 52 week highs.

A quick look at Global Charts.

Dow Jones – New 52 week highs.


S&P 500 – Nearing 52 week highs.


Nikkei – 4-5 attempts done.

Now setting up for 52 week highs.

Nikkei Breaking out

Dax – Getting close to new 52 week highs.


Sectors to watchout for

  • Oil and Gas Sector has made a strong comeback. Some Public Sector companies are hitting new all time highs/5 year highs. Interesting long term charts. Neglected sector.
  • Housing Finance stocks are breaking out.
  • SpecialtySteel a sector to watchout in Smallcaps.
  • Broking Companies have continued in a strong trend. The underperformer could surprise here. Even AMCs are shaping up.
  • Largecap Banking space could see a bounce. Leaders like Axis Bank have hit new all time highs.
  • Auto continues to outperform. Time for a pause.

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