Shopify Rebellion Wins Valorant 2023 Game Changers Championship


Shopify Rebellion are the winners of the Valorant 2023 Game Changers Championship! Read all in our complete grand finals recap!

Shopify Rebellion emerged victorious as the 2023 Game Changer winners after a 3-2 win against Team Liquid.

Shopify Rebellion’s deep run over the course of the week has led to one of the strongest showings of any Game Changers team in history. The all-woman superteam managed to win all 3 of their matches in near-perfect form, making a straight shot to the grand final. Meanwhile, Team Liquid Brazil has been blazing a hot trail closely behind, eliminating teams like G2 and the once-unbeatable Team SMG for their dreams of a home win. Here’s how the grand final went down.

Shopify Rebellion Wins Valorant 2023 Game Changers Championship

The Valorant Game Changers Championship in São Paulo was the culmination of a year of major league competitions involving all-women’s teams. Like other major VCT tournaments, he rosters that attended the event earned their spots by winning offline events and earning the most circuit points in their region. The top teams from EMEA, LATAM, NA, Brazil and NA all competed in a bo3, double-bracket elimination for the lion’s share of $500,000.

Valorant’s newest team deathmatch minimap “Drift” was also shown for the first time in the lead-up. Inspired by Thailand, this sunny destination features long sightlines, multiple ziplines and side-alleys to help you get the angle on the enemy. Valorant’s latest deathmatch map “Drift” comes out on December 5, 2023.

The grand final was a best-of-five match taking place across 3 maps. Split and Bind were removed by Rebellion. And once both teams decided which sides to play on their chosen maps, the game was on.

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Grand Final Map Pool

Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Recap – Match 1

Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023

The first match was on a razer’s edge as both teams started on Haven, where Team Liquid started in dominant fashion. Going Attacker side, TL confidently built their lead while SR played to their strengths as best they could defending C-site. However, Liquid stayed 2 wins ahead while Daiki stayed top frag during most of the games. Things weren’t looking good for SR, but as the match went on, florescent and co. were able to catch up, drag the match to Sudden Death and win the first match with an electrifying Jett ult.

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Recap – Match 2

Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023

The second match was an absolute bloodbath as both teams scrambled for the earlygame lead. SR focused on the enemy Skye, which lowered TL’s survivability by tons. That was enough for Shopify to find the biggest advantage in the series and close out the half with a 4-win lead. It looked like another match win for SR, but in true TL fashion, daiki’s team ran another gauntlet to equalize 11-11 thanks to bstrdd and got their first clutch win in the series.

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Recap – Match 3

Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023

Shopify Rebellion had a commanding lead in Match 3, winning the first 7 games much to the São Paulo crowd’s dismay. With such a massive deficit, victory for TL seemed almost impossible. But Team Liquid played smart and returned to their fundamentals. As a result, they were able to creep close to SR’s score. That said, the NA team was still able to solidify a one-sided 13-5 win with little resistance shortly after. 1 – 2 for Team Liquid!

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Recap – Match 4

Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023

With Team Liquid looking to close the series out, they were able to turn things around in a dicey pistol round on a map they knew well. Smart but assertive moves from bizerra gave her team another momentous 10 – 2 lead. Shortly after, an unexpected ace from florescent gave NA fans some hope. They were mounting a comeback, albeit a slow one. And it was a noble effort, but Team Liquid closed the game before SR could find any meaningful momentum, equalizing the score.

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid Recap – Match 5

Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023 Shopify Rebellion

In match 5, Team Liquid was on the verge of completing their monumental lower bracket run and defeating the undefeated Shopify Rebellion roster. SR on the other hand had the opportunity to defeat arguably the strongest team in this year’s Game Changers and take the title in a perfect run.

Like game 1, Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid clashed in another dangerously close match that had both sides fighting for any kind of lead. But Shopify found a strong leg up over Team Liquid after switching sides, and staged a huge comeback, halted Team Liquid’s reverse sweep and won Valorant 2023 Game Changers after florescent’s last kill.



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