One iconic Fortnite skin’s LEGO update has players losing their minds


Every Fortnite player’s favorite banana skin Peely is getting another variation added to its long list of cosmetic styles.

According to Shiina on X today, Peely is set to get his twelfth skin. Peely’s new attire will feature a red bandana draped around wherever its neck is, a sleeveless denim jacket, cargo shorts, and a spiffy blue belt. Did I mention the LEGO counterpart would be arriving alongside it? Well, it is.

Both variations of peely according to fortnite leaks
A healthy combination. Image via Shiina and Epic Games

What some call Adventure Peely will arrive tomorrow if the leaks are correct. This sent gamers into a spin as they prepared to strap themselves in for another addition to the appealing collection of banana skins. Players collectively grabbed their credit cards to purchase the V-bucks required to buy themselves the new Peely from the Fortnite store. As for how much Peely will be, we’re not sure, but it seems the player base is happy to throw money at it.

The community seems prepared for every Peely variation to bombard their Fortnite battle royale lobbies. Players praised the Epic Games crew, claiming the Fortnite developers hadn’t misstepped in a long time. Gamers seemingly believe this might be the best version of Peely yet, meaning the other eleven iterations might have to get in line or split. 

Peely has clearly been one of Fortnite’s strongest skins in its ever-growing list. So far we have a multitude of different Peely’s showcasing its ability to pursue whatever dreams it may hold. Adventure Peely is set to join the likes of Agent Peely and banana general Potassius Peels, proving all you need is a bit of Vitamin B6 to command Roman infantry. 

Epic Games has been on a tear lately with their skin releases. Players got the opportunity to collect several new skins featuring the biggest names from the last few decades. Within the last month alone, players could purchase Eminem, Peter Griffin, and Solid Snake from the Fortnite store. This paired with the LEGO x Fortnite collaboration where players received free LEGO-based variations on already purchased skins makes this the cherry on top of the Epic Games sundae.


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