LoL players agree old champ skins are actually better than newer ones in most cases


The League of Legends fandom has come to an agreement today: in almost every case, players prefer the older stylized cosmetics—and sometimes even the default designs—over a lot of the new skins Riot Games has been releasing.

Buyable skins are always a hot topic in any gaming community. In League, there’s always a debate over whether skins are overpriced, if they’re worth it, or if the designs are slowly deteriorating. That big debate flared up again on Jan. 4 after a fan-directed poll on the best skins for every champion landed on Reddit, with the results pointing in one direction: many of the most-loved skins were either the default skins, meaning the ones you see in a champion’s splash art or older skins like Pretty Kitty Rengar and Lux’s combo-changing Elementalist cosmetic.

Elementalist Lux from League of Legends casts a rainbow spell in a magical chamber
League players certainly have runaway favorites when it comes to skins. Image via Riot Games

It’s not to say any of the League skins released across 2023 were terrible, but most of the vote-winning skins were much older. The exceptions were, of course, the skins added to the Star Guardian line, Cosmic Matriarch Bel’Veth, Prestige Winterblessed Camille, Faerie Queen Karma, and Prestige La Ilusión Renata Glasc, to name a few.

Some of the more popular older skins were the ones from the Coven, Battle Academia, and Halloween skin lines. And the older one-off skins like Final Boss Veigar, Brolaf, and DJ Sona were also the most popular. So, it does beg the question, are the older skin lines just that good, or is there a certain nostalgia that makes them the fan favorites? Or are the newer skins just not landing how the designers hope they will?

Now that League’s 14th season is almost here, we’ll most definitely be getting more skins, both as additions to the older skin lines and new ones altogether. While it would be nice to get skins that blow us away, I’d like to see Skarner and Alistar get new skins, as they haven’t gotten one in over 1,000 days. So, here’s to hoping.


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