Microsoft To Start Deleting Old Xbox Captures From This Date


As confirmed in an earlier notification sent out by Microsoft, the company will soon start deleting old Xbox Captures that have been saved to the Xbox network. The first deletions are set to start in January 2024, and captures will only be deleted if they’re more than 90 days old.

Fortunately, this change will not be affecting recent captures. However, players may only have a short amount of time left to save their captures before they’re permanently deleted from the Xbox network.

While the precise start date for the deletions remains uncertain at the time of writing, multiple sources suggest that the removal process is scheduled to be initiated on January 9, 2024.

While this date hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft yet, players should start uploading their Xbox Captures to Onedrive or any storage device at the earliest to prevent any risk of the files getting deleted.

The reason behind this mass deletion hasn’t been disclosed by Microsoft, and users are certainly not very happy about this change. Several people have expressed their disappointment at this change on social media forums, and the community’s discontent is palpable.


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