LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Week 2 – The Blue Wall is Crumbling


Karmine Corp tried their best, but they couldn’t improve their rank in either the LEC or the LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist.

There’s only one week left of the 2024 LEC Winter Season, so two teams only have 3 matches until they have to take an unwanted break from competition. However, the forst team of the Playoffs have been locked in, with 4 squads standing on the brink of greatness.

Last week, more matches turned out the way they were expected to, but there were still a number of surprises. Thankfully, you can follow the power level of the teams in the LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist – so let’s dive right into it!

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Week 2

  1. Karmine Corp (0)

The only team in the LEC which didn’t manage to score a single victory so far, Karmine Corp has remained in the last spot on our tierlist. Sadly, this time around they can’t even blame it on the matches, as they faced much “easier” opponents than last week. While Bo had a standout game on Sunday, Team Vitality still defeated them, and they looked more disorganized than before against both GIANTX and Team Heretics. While they are not strictly out yet, KC basically have to get ready for Spring – possibly with some roster changes, as this team just doesn’t work.

  1. Rogue (-1)

Last week, we talked about how Rogue didn’t win against G2 Esports in Week 1, rather G2 Esports beat themselves – which is becoming even clearer after the org’s 0-3 Week 2. If they face difficult choices, Larssen and Comp just default to comfort without any plan for the game, Szygenda is struggling, and even the new players drag the team down instead of lifting it up. While they should be much better than KC, they almost look as bad as the newest team in the LEC, which is expected to be struggling.

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Week 2

  1. GIANTX (-1)

GIANTX only managed to score one win – and that was against KCorp, who I’ll now let off the hook, as Week 2 was enough of a beating. Still, Odoamne and co. lost their other 2 matches in under 30 minutes, which is alarming to say the least. While Patrik looks fine (or even good) on most matches, IgNar and Peach don’t really find their footing, and Odo also has subpar performances. Hopefully it’s just the winter weather, as we’ve seen what the Weakside King is capable of last Summer – maybe he wakes up earlier this year?

  1. MAD Lions KOI (-2)

The hard part of the tierlist comes much earlier than last week, as MAD Lions KOI didn’t have a bad showing, just a hard round. They couldn’t crack G2 even with Elyoya’s great performance, and Team BDS was simply better in teamfights – still, they beat Rogue with ease. MDK has a solid identity with their aggressive early game, but if they are not capable of adapting to a mid- and lategame meta, they might struggle as the LEC progresses.

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Week 2

  1. Team Vitality (+4)

Team Vitality rose from their ashes in Week 2. After an abysmal Week 1, they defeated Rogue and Karmine Corp – which could be interpreted as them kicking opponents while they’re still down, but after they defeated G2 Esports in a dominant fashion, I believe that there’s more to them than the first round has shown. While the players still make stupid mistakes (especially Vetheo and Carzzy), they are starting to work together as a team, which is great to see after last Summer.

  1. SK Gaming (-4)

The biggest fall from last week, SK Gaming didn’t do so hot in Week 2. Even though Nisqy and his teammates basically stomped GIANTX, Team Heretics and Team BDS made short work of them. They tried some new strategies with Nisqy returning to his Gragas mid and playing Lucian – Milio in the botlane with Irrelevant’s Rumble on top, but it didn’t work out. SK Gaming has a very effective style which they shouldn’t switch up – at least for the time being. However, their Playoff is almost guaranteed, so they have nothing to fear.

  1. Fnatic (0)

Fnatic stayed at 4th place as they finished with a 2-1 standing again. This time, it wasn’t SK Gaming that proved to be too hard to take down, but Team BDS, who played one of the fastest games in the Winter Season against the black and orange squad. However, Fnatic scored the points they had to, showing Rogue and GIANTX why they are one of the best teams in EMEA. Noah and Jun looked great in both of their wins, with (playoff-level) Humanoid being the first pro to play Hwei in the LEC. Fnatic continues to be a true gatekeeper for teams, and they seem to be just ramping up.

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Week 2

  1. Team Heretics (+3)

Team Heretics adapted to the meta perfectly, playing things like the Seraphine-Senna botlane and the Udyr top. Their drafts also look solid as they sown against Karmine Corp, who couldn’t play the match after the first 15 minutes have passed. Of course, they had to lose to G2 Esports, who they look more and more alike – after all, they are still worthy of the name G3. But will they leave this nickname behind and solidify themselves as their own thing rather than a less consistent G2?

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Week 2

  1. G2 Esports (0)

G2 Esports did the funny again – if the funny is losing a game they should’ve won. When the Kings of Europe faced Team Vitality, they put together a rather strong draft, but made plenty of mistakes in both the early and midgame, which prevented them from scaling with their Solo lane carries, rendering their double support botlane useless. Meanwhile, Carzzy and Hylissang hit it out of the park with their Nilah-Senna bot, while Vetheo had a masterclass game with the new Corki build. G2 won their other 2 matches, beating similar or even stronger teams, MDK and TH – but their consistency could also use work – when are THEY going to become more than a less consistent G2?

  1. Team BDS (+2)

Team BDS only moved up on the tierlist since the 2024 LEC Winter Season started. Adam and his teammates have been incredibly good so far, getting a 3-0 round in Week 2. While they are considered an early game wildcard squad, they showed discipline and great teamfighting against SK Gaming, with Ice and nuc evolving to some of the best players on their roles. Team BDS have grown immensely since they entered the LEC back in 2022 – both the org and the players that have been with the team for multiple seasons now, which culminated in them qualifying for the LEC 2024 Winter Playoffs first out of all teams!

LEC 2024 Winter Tierlist After Week 2

The LEC will return on January 27th with the last round of the regular season. With only BDS qualified, there’s still room for 7 teams in the second half of Winter, the Playoffs. Fnatic, G2 Esports, SK Gaming and Team Heretics only one win away from locking in. However, the lower half of the roster still needs to fight if they want to get in. Check back to ESTNN next week to see how the tierlist changes!


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