2024 LCS Spring: Schedule, results, standings, and more


The 2024 League of Legends season has well and truly begun, with North America’s best and brightest taking to the League Championship Series (LCS) for the Spring Split.

Many changes have been made to the LCS and its format after the reduction to eight teams in the preseason, as well as a new format and some new rules. Of particular interest; LCS officials will be played on League’s live patch as opposed to a season where the meta is locked in, with Riot hoping interest in the series rises as the game becomes a little more unpredictable.

NRG will be out to defend its crown from Summer 2023, but in this brave new world, do they have what it takes to reach the top two and book their tickets to MSI?

LCS Spring Split 2024: Regular season standings

NRG, a League of Legends team, stands posing ahead of their LCS 2024 opening match.
Can NRG take out the split again? Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

The regular season of the 2024 LCS Spring Split sees eight teams (down from 10) go head-to-head in a round-robin format where each team plays one another twice. Matches are all best-of-one, with the bottom two teams eliminated at the end of the regular season. The top four will begin the playoffs in the upper bracket, while the fifth and sixth teams start in the lower bracket.

Placement Team Record
First NRG 4-1
FlyQuest 4-1
Third Cloud9 3-2
Fourth Immortals 2-3
Dignitas 2-3
Team Liquid 2-3
Seventh 100 Thieves 2-3
Shopify Rebellion 1-4

LCS Spring Split 2024 regular season schedule and results

All match times below are in CT and are subject to change on each matchday.

Week One

  • Saturday, Jan. 20
    • 2pm: Team Liquid 0-1 100 Thieves
    • 3pm: NRG 0-1 Cloud9
    • 4pm: FlyQuest 1-0 Shopify Rebellion
    • 5pm: Immortals 0-1 Dignitas
  • Sunday, Jan. 21
    • 2pm: Team Liquid 1-0 Shopify Rebellion
    • 3pm: Cloud9 1-0 100 Thieves
    • 4pm: Immortals 0-1 FlyQuest
    • 5pm: NRG 1-0 Dignitas

Week Two

  • Saturday, Jan. 27
    • 2pm: Dignitas 0-1 Cloud9
    • 3pm: NRG 1-0 100 Thieves
    • 4pm: Team Liquid 0-1 FlyQuest
    • 5pm: Immortals 1-0 Shopify Rebellion
  • Sunday, Jan. 28
    • 2pm: Dignitas 0-1 100 Thieves
    • 3pm: Cloud9 0-1 Shopify Rebellion
    • 4pm: NRG 1-0 FlyQuest
    • 5pm: Team Liquid 1-0 Immortals

Week Three

  • Friday, Feb. 2
    • 2pm: Immortals 1-0 Cloud9
    • 3pm: Team Liquid 0-1 NRG
    • 4pm: Dignitas 1-0 Shopify Rebellion
    • 5pm: FlyQuest 0-1 100 Thieves
  • Saturday, Feb. 3
    • 2pm: Team Liquid vs. Dignitas
    • 3pm: FlyQuest vs. Cloud9
    • 4pm: Immortals vs. 100 Thieves
    • 5pm: NRG vs. Shopify Rebellion
  • Sunday, Feb. 4
    • 2pm: FlyQuest vs. Dignitas
    • 3pm: Team Liquid vs. Cloud9
    • 4pm: 100 Thieves vs. Shopify Rebellion
    • 5pm: NRG vs. Immortals

Week Four

  • Saturday, Feb. 10
    • 2pm: FlyQuest vs. Shopify Rebellion
    • 3pm: Team Liquid vs. 100 Thieves
    • 4pm: NRG vs. Cloud9
    • 5pm: Immortals vs. Dignitas
  • Sunday, Feb. 11
    • 2pm: Team Liquid vs. Shopify Rebellion
    • 3pm: Immortals vs. FlyQuest
    • 4pm: Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves
    • 5pm: NRG vs. Dignitas

Week Five

  • Saturday, March 2
    • 2pm: FlyQuest vs. Cloud9
    • 3pm: Dignitas vs. 100 Thieves
    • 4pm: Team Liquid vs. NRG
    • 5pm: Immortals vs. Shopify Rebellion
  • Sunday, March 3
    • 2pm: FlyQuest vs. 100 Thieves
    • 3pm: NRG vs. Immortals
    • 4pm: Team Liquid vs. Cloud90
    • 5pm: Dignitas vs. Shopify Rebellion

Week Six

  • Friday, March 8
    • 2pm: NRG vs. Shopify Rebellion
    • 3pm: Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest
    • 4pm: Dignitas vs. Cloud9
    • 5pm: Immortals vs. 100 Thieves
  • Saturday, March 9
    • 2pm: Team Liquid vs. Dignitas
    • 3pm: 100 Thieves vs. Shopify Rebellion
    • 4pm: Immortals vs. Cloud9
    • 5pm: NRG vs. FlyQuest
  • Sunday, March 10
    • 2pm: Team Liquid vs. Immortals
    • 3pm: NRG vs. 100 Thieves
    • 4pm: FlyQuest vs. Dignitas
    • 5pm: Cloud9 vs. Shopify Rebellion

Should tiebreakers be necessary, this schedule will be updated with any extra dates and times for additional matches.


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