iShowSpeed disappointed as Messi starts Al-Nassr vs Inter Miami from bench


iShowSpeed has become a permanent audience in almost all of the hyped football matches across the globe and no way he would miss the Al-Nassr vs Inter Miami friendly match.

Al-Nassr vs Inter Miami has been a hot topic in the football community given it could present the last opportunity for Lionel Messi to play against Cristiano Ronaldo. Their rivalry has driven football fans across the world for years and as two greats of the game embrace the twilight of their careers, fans would not miss the chance to see them go head to head even though both players are far from their peaks.

iShowSpeed has been an avid follower of Cristiano Ronaldo and has attended most of his important matches in person lately. Right after the tickets went for sale, he announced he would be attending the match to no one’s surprise. The surprise came when Ronaldo got injured and was ruled out of the match thus watering down all the excitement and anticipation that fans built for months.

However, as a part of the agreement, Messi made an appearance in the final 10 minutes of the game and fans got something out of it. Speed was able to meet with the Inter Miami team but to his misfortune, Messi wasn’t starting and thus he couldn’t get a chance to meet him before kickoff.

It would have been very exciting to see if Speed had it in him to do something crazy when he met Messi but we won’t put it past him. He was able to meet Messi’s teammates namely, Suarez, Alba, Busquets and the rest of the Miami team but for obvious reasons, Messi’s presence would hit differently.

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