Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder – The Black Library Opens A New Wing In This Week’s Sunday Preview


In Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder, you’ll find a heap of Warhammer stories to dig into, available for pre-order next Saturday.

Last week, Ushoran and his Grand Court of Knights has been revealed as coming to preorder – but now that they’ve arrived, they gave way to something new. This time instead of the gates of the castle, the doors of the library open, as Games Workshop has revealed some new and reprinted Warhammer books for you to get next Saturday!

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder – The Black Library Opens

Da Big Dakka

Sadly, the special edition of the new Ufthak Blackhawk book has been delayed, but the normal edition of this new Ork adventure is on its way. The sequel to Brutal Kunnin’ follows Blackhawk and his crew into the Drukhari capital of Commoragh, where they must krump their way out.

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

The new Ork book comes with a Commemorative Series miniature of none other than Ufthak Blackhaw himself, made from plastic and available for a very limited time, from February 20 to 27!

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

The Art of the Horus Heresy

Even though the End and the Death Vol 3 is here, the Horus Heresy is not completely over yet (especially thanks to Legions Imperialis and 30k). You can immerse yourself in the art of the greatest tragedy of the Imperium of Man with this book.

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

Deus Encarmine Anniversary Edition

20 years after it was released, James Swallow’s Deus Encarmine is getting an anniversary version – you can relive one of the greatest Blood Angels stories told with a brand-new look!

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

The Ghosts of Barak-Minoz

Of course, the fans of Age of Sigmar’s stories get a new book as well: the continuation of Drekki Flynt’s adventures with The Ghosts of Barak-Minoz. Follow by assassins, Flynt has to get to the lost city – can he and his crew reach it?

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

Riders of the Dead

A fan-favourite Dan Abnett story is getting a new paperback version, as Riders of the Dead won the Reader’s Choice survey. Relive the tale of battles in the Old World through the eyes of two Empire soldiers!

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

Lord of the Night

This frightening tale of the Night Lords gives some insight to the cruelty of the Traitor Legion as they invade a hive world, threatening the life of a young Interrogator – available next week!

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

Ghakzghkull Thraka: Prophet of the Waaagh!

A new paperback version of Prophet of the Waaagh! is approaching, telling the tale of the biggest, baddest Ork (and his trusty Grot) towards the biggest Waaagh! the galaxy has ever seen.

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

The End and The Death Volume III – French and German versions

After The End and The Death Volume III, as well as it’s limited edition version has released, a German and French translation is now available, telling the last chapter of the Horus Heresy.

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

Dawn of Fire: Sea of Souls – German Edition

Alongside the German and French The End and The Death, Chris Wraight’s Dawn of Fire: Sea of Souls also gets a German translation, detailing Roboute Guilliman’s crusade.

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

The Greater Good – French Edition

Commissar Ciaphas Cain’s exploits will be available in French, fighting alongside (?) the T’au Empire as allies (?) – just until the impending danger of the Tyranid swarm is dealt with.

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

Black Library Celebration Anthology 2024

This year’s Black Library Celebration features 5 stories across different realms of Warhammer, with a digital copy available from February 10th – the best part is you don’t even have to pay for this version as it’s a gift for all Black Library orders. However, if you only need the Anthology, you can buy it in your local store a bit later.

Next Weeks Warhammer Preorder

It’s an exciting time to be a Warhammer fan with all these stories coming out! Don’t miss their pre-orders next Saturday!


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