MW3 and Warzone season 2 update introduces new feature to dive and slide easier


The Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone season two update quietly resolved an annoying issue that randomized diving and sliding and introduced a helpful quality of life change.

Without the ability to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2, players turned to diving instead if they wanted to escape a gunfight or safely reposition. After a full year of begging for slide canceling to be added back to Call of Duty, Sledgehammer Games listened to community feedback and re-introduced the popular movement mechanic to Modern Warfare 3. As a result, diving lost some of its shine, but a new season two feature changes that.

Call of Duty soldier in gold-trim armor carries a shotgun
Warzone movement just got easier. Image via Raven Software

MW3 and Warzone Hybrid slide/dive behavior explained

In Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, players can change the input that triggers dive and slide animations. Most community members preferred Slide Only, as CoD YouTuber JGOD discovered it has a 100-millisecond response time, which is more responsive than the 200-millisecond response time from the Tap to Slide option.

However, the YouTuber also uncovered an odd glitch that made it possible to dive even if you had Slide Only selected by pressing the inputs to sprint and slide simultaneously. The unintended workaround made it possible to get the improved response time benefits and still dive. In saying that, it was also an issue when players dove without knowing why.

The devs fixed that bug as part of the season two update. “Players will no longer dive while using the Slide Only option on controller,” the devs announced in the season update blog.

Additionally, the seasonal update introduced a new Hybrid option combining tap only to slide, and players can tap while holding the sprint input to dive. The new option ensures players get the best possible response times for both movement mechanics, and we recommend using the Hybrid slide and diving behavior in all multiplayer and battle royale matches.


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