I’ll be returning to London for a new performance of the London Dereliction Walk in March this year: it’s an immersive exploration of the notions of ‘boundary’, ‘voice’ and ‘shadows’ through a day long walk through London, stopping in various spaces for ‘sense making’ and storytelling.

  • Our lens of ‘Boundaries’ may allow us to consider how we lead at the intersection of systems: the types of power we hold, and where our voice will carry.
  • Our lens of ‘Voice’ may allow us to consider the edge-lands and spaces of cultural graffiti, and our attitude towards these. Do we silence dissent, or learn from it. How is authenticity held. How have you ‘curated’ your ‘self’. Or are you a monument to a forgotten past… or a glorious future…
  • Our lens of ‘Shadows’ may help us to consider how our legacy shapes, enables, or limits our conception of the present and future. One of many possible shapes, are we held back by holding onto the wrong things, or failing to learn or accept the right ones? Should everything be remembered, or do we need to continually re-author our Organisations? Is agility simply a process optimisation approach, or a cultural and narrative one?

I can only really guide the walk with a dozen people or so, but this year i will also consider creating a video diary of the journey, or some similar approach. Or possibly a book as per the New York Dereliction Walk. More on this soon.

I’m excited to be coming back to this work – and you can read my previous Expedition Journal here. I found it extremely challenging, as experimental work at the boundaries of our capability should be.

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Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.


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