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Our social context is inherently fragmented: between tribes (as trust bonded structures), teams (as formally defined ones), communities (meta-tribal and perhaps purposeful), and assorted other divisions. When we talk about ‘interconnection’ it’s about finding, or creating, opportunity to connect beyond the simple or innate: to weave layers of connection between disparate spaces and hence, perhaps, to be closer to boundaries.

This is not about conformity, or colonisations: not to unify systems and spaces, but rather to create pathways between them, so that dialogue can slip between spaces, so that we can hear stories, and create movements. It may include connections across difference and dissent. Connection beyond systems.

But it will only ever be a shadow of a truth. Our social systems are multi layered and dynamic, indeed inherently internally conflicted and irreconcilable. So we cannot ‘know’ the whole. At best we can wander through the landscape.

This ties back into the idea of leadership as motion, as imperfection, as story listener, as social movement, as dynamic, contextual, at the boundary.

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